Farm Just Outside the Lake District, England

Which of the versions do you like better?

Topaz Studio Impression and Glow

Topaz Studio - Texture and other adjustments - I was trying to get an antique print look. To be honest, I still like the texture part of Impression and wish that were a separate adjustment)



No. 2.
Looks painterly. One just a little too smudgy.

No 2 for me Kenneth … BTW, the original is pretty darn nice …

I too like number two.

Second one. Lovely scene. Love the sheep in the foreground.

I like and think number 2 accomplishes the antique print look you were going for and looks great.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @dvine, @aidon, @Michael_DeLisio, @Michigander, and @cre8art, I really appreciate them!

Number 2 for me too - I particularly like the textured sky.

Thank you very much for the very nice comment, @JeanieW. I like how the texture turned out on the sky and I have been thinking about how to make it appear better on darker areas.

Maybe you can apply another texture to get the look you want for the darker areas and mask out the sky or other areas that you don’t want it applied to?

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Yes, exactly, that what I was thinking, but I wanted to have noise effect the dark AND light parts of the image, so I was thinking of taking the texture, inverting it and applying part with darken to the light ares and the inverted part with lighten to the dark areas…

Sounds like a plan… you may also want to try using a luminosity mask in Studio to help define those areas and maybe using invert as well?

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