FAQ Video Enhance AI

Hello everyone.

I would like to start a FAQ here. Main purpose is to have something to link to in case of.,… well, FAQ… you know…

Some FAQs will be beta or alpha related, some “generall”, so I´ll probably do sections…

I will be filling this up - and if it makes sense - will copy the generall stuff over to the VEAI Generall forum. So if anyone wants to contribute - feel free to answer here, I will add it into this first post (which will get rid of this introduction stuff in the future). Hope it´s possible to edit older posts …

One request for the forum: Is it possible to add a generall FAQ or sticky function? Also, the layout is squeezed in width, my FHD Monitor is only used in half.

Hi Reiner
I use a Mac Pro 5,1, I believe it is still quite popular basis for video/photographic media processing. It is becoming rather tricky to balance conflicting requirements for various softwares. In particular, I am not able to upgrade to Catalina or beyond. Even for Mojave that is required by BMD Resolve 16, I have had to change my NVidia GPU to an AMD card (RX580).
As I understand it, this makes it a non starter for GPU acceleration with VEAI?
I know that this machine is over 10 years old, but there are probably 1000s still in active use due to unattractive/uneconomic Mac alternates.
A FAQ specifically for ‘MacPro 5,1 support’ would be great!