Fall Aspen

Taken this weekend on a hike in Colorado, a day before the first snow of the year…

You will have to click on the image to see the entire tree, although I do like how the browser cropped the image :wink:

Processed with Impression in Topaz Studio and Glow. (After Precision Contrast).

Processed with Precision Contrast in Topaz Studio



Beautiful color and I really like the processing on the first one.

I agree with Kathy …very nice work.

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I agree with Kathy, too

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You can really appreciate the processing results and full tree image when you enlarge the image. The first image results has a very nice painterly style and colors. Did Colorado really have snow already?

Always have loved Colorado Aspen pics and this is a beauty.

Lovely. I especially like the first one. :grinning:

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Kathy_9, @BobKramer, @Laundromat, @cre8art, @Michigander, and @cruzinova57, I really appreciate them.

And Kathy and John, there really was snow and I will post that today… :smile:


image 1 says it all

Thank you very much, @el48tel!

So how does Fall in Colorado compare to Vermont?


The aspen, especially in the mountain setting, are beautiful.

But I prefer New England with its amazing mix of red, yellow and orange, and rustic scenery.

Seen Vermont and LOVED it - wife has friend who spent time in Denver and we never got there to see her before she moved to LA - so the question has a reason “bucket list or not”

I think a lot of the American West should be on the bucket list - Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Utah national parks, Colorado, etc, etc…

As a fan of Ansel Adams I’ve got Yellowstone and Yosemite on the list. Even persuaded my wife of their importance - got Gettysburg on there too. I find the history, albeit short, of the US more than interesting since I learned hardly any history at school and that was English (not British) from about 1042 to about 1600. That has significance now in the county in which I live but had little in the county of my birth.
So Colorado here we come!