Failure to Validate my Clarity Upgrade

Got the email about Clarity, downloaded Studio, installed it, found the new menu item in PS, launched Studio, followed the instruction to validate my plug-ins (all is well) and figured out how to apply the HSL and Precision Contrast adjustments to my image.

All I see is “Go Pro”. Both of them have now offered my a 30 day trial.

I own two copies of Clarity. I’d think at least one of them would be used. But I’m still trying to figure out how Studio even knows who I am… I didn’t tell it anything, and logging in to the community made no difference.

So… I thought I followed the instructions provided in the email, but no joy. I won’t comment on how I don’t like having a direct line to my plug-in (oops). But somehow something in my upgrade is awry, and I’m not sure what to do now.

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Sorry, this should be under Technical Support.


Just raise a tech support request, the link is in the header … shifted out of Tech Support as it wont be seen. Note there is another thread on this exact same matter at:

My bad. I will do so.