Fails saving image to lightroom

Photo looks great after processing but it fails when I try and save it with message error could not run model.

i5-9600k 32Gb GTX1660 super

Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Attach the logs files that you can see in the window that opens.

I should be able to determine what is happening and send next steps with this information.

Thank you, log files attached

Best wishes


2023-07-05-22-30-24.tzlog (174 KB)

2023-07-05-22-13-14.tzlog (12.7 KB)

2023-07-05-22-14-27.tzlog (139 KB)

2023-07-05-21-37-24.tzlog (293 KB)

2023-07-05-22-27-38.tzlog (88.8 KB)

2023-07-05-22-26-23.tzlog (141 KB)

2023-07-05-22-28-29.tzlog (142 KB)

2023-07-05-22-29-28.tzlog (141 KB)

2023-07-05-21-53-15.tzlog (1.59 MB)

I found the error in the logs and made a task for my team to look into. How often does it happen?

In the meanwhile, you can close Topaz Photo AI and reopen it if you see this error again. It should process correctly.

It was happening with every file if I processed the raw file with plug-in extra but not using the edit in Topaz route from Lightroom.

A reboot of the computer appears to have fixed it.

Many thanks for your help


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