Failing to Scale to 4K with Video AI – Can Anyone Help with a Comparison?

I’m reaching out to this community with a bit of a dilemma regarding video AI. A few months back, I acquired video AI technology, hoping to use it as an upscaler for my inputs. The developer was dismissive claiming he didn’t get the best results, so I let him be intending to give it a shot myself at some point.

Recently, I attempted to upscale a 6-second clip to 4K, using some enhancement features. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the specific parameters, and the output seemed to merely reflect the input.

I’m wondering if anyone here could run the same 6-second clip and show me a comparison? I’m really curious to see if this is the real deal that I’ve always hoped it to be, or if I’m just missing something.

Here’s at QR Code linking to the 6-second clip (url banned):

I appreciate any insights, advice, or comparisons you can provide. It’s quite frustrating not seeing the results I expected, and I value your expertise and experiences. Thank you in advance!

Please offer a valid download link. The source file is very low quality so don’t expect wonders from a 4 k upscale. :slight_smile:

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https:// [close_space] youtu. [close_space] .be. [close_space] /NsR-EtpdsbY

I tried uploading a gdrive link earlier but it was declined without information as to what type of links are allowed and upload doesn’t take video either :man_shrugging:t3:. I concede the video is not great but I am looking at it from a comparison with some super resolution tools. Not wonders per se, but it can get decent. Given the examples I have seen on YouTube, I am sure Topaz can excel this:

I ran a quick test. I D/L the 720p version of the YouTube video. I ran Artemis, Proteus, Dione: DV & Gaia HQ. I found that the Gaia HQ provided me the best results upscaling to 4k. but your picture seems to be at better quality than mines.