Facial Recognition and Improvement

I just subscribed and I’m massively disappointed with the results. It’s not correcting facial pixelated defects and is worse than Adobe Photoshop.

Unless I have something wrong with my settings?

My work: I am taking Midjourney images and improving facial defects/aborations.

Photo AI is probably trained more with natural faces than with artificial generated ones, but I dunno for sure.

May be you can post an example here, so developers can have a look at it.

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The face renderings look, more or less, genuinely natural. The AI/ML has picked up the face, but the hair refinement is glitchy (worse than the original) and the facial enhancement looks no better than apps from the App Store.

I’ve uploaded it to the team. Will await news.

mh okay. keep sure that the faces are being recognized by photo ai. you can also ramp up the slider to make the face improvement stronger!

The images look more fake after processing…

What’s the process for getting a refund and do they actually refund? I’m on Hour One.

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You may try disable “Recover Face”, it will give a much detail & natural face.

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Do you have screenshots of the settings you are using for Face Recovery?