Faces blurry 1.3.3

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

RAW photo is sent to PAI via LR through plug-in extras. When image is cropped in PAI and “recover faces” is enabled, the face area in the DNG that is returned to LR is extremely blurry

WIN10 22H2
Intel 13700k
RXT 3070 TI with Nvidia 531.61

Hi @golder-50350, can you upload some screenshots of this behavior on your system along with the original image if possible?

@preston.werner Link to upload images? Also looking at the DNGs more carefully, it appears that the faces aren’t really blurred, but some other part of the image has been copied atop of the faces, Make sense?

You should be able to upload your images directly to this forum thread :smiley:


golder-50350.dng (24.9 MB)
golder-50350.NEF (27.4 MB)

@preston.werner OK - uploaded files

Is this consistently reproducible for you? I downloaded the files and processed them but could not reproduce the issue.

It looks like Face Recovery is copying the wrong area to the face.

Updating Topaz Photo AI may help with this to fix any processing error that may have happened.

@Lingyu yes it is consistently reproducible. However, some photos with faces do not have this issue. I suspect and just proved that it’s related to denoise function. A photo with faces but little noise doesn’t have this issue. For the photo that I sent you, if I turn off the denoise function in PAI I don’t have this issue. Also if I change the denosie from strong to normal the issue doesn’t appear. The artifact over the face isn’t consistent. Could it have something to do with denoise using the CPU not the GPU? I was told this by Topaz by staff person in 1.3.3 forum. “We have temporarily pulled back the GPU models for denoise in particular because they were causing stability issues. So at the moment denoise will be slower than it was previously on Windows machines. We are working on adding them back as well as updating the denoise models in general, but those models are still in beta.”

Did you crop this image? That needs to be done for this problem to occur.

I’m using version 1.3.3 and I will see if it occurs with 1.3.4.

@Lingyu 1.3.4 appears to have fixed the issue

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