Face Restore on faces with long hair

Not necessarily a bug but could just be a limitation of the face restore model. FS is great at restoring faces on old/low-res/damaged photos but if the subject has long hair, you can clearly see the square area where the FS has been applied - hair on head and side of face have been restored, but anything below the chin, the hair maintains the old, untouched look, it’s very jarry and looks bad. is there a way to extend FS to include anything past the shoulders?

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment Face Recovery is made to only process the face and areas around the face.

To prevent the hair and neck area from looking to different you could disable the Hair and Neck in the Preferences > Autopilot > Face Detection menu.

Let me know if that is an acceptable workaround for now. We will be looking into other solutions soon.

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