Face Quality Feature Request

When attempting to improve face quality it would be immensely helpful if users could upload a folders of high res. photos for those who are in the videos.

If Topaz Video AI could rightly identify the faces in a scene and then weight the faces in the reference stills faces to use for detail I suspect the accuracy results would be much higher than trying to use generic facial feature up-rezzing (which will result in sharp, but in accurate – Uncanny Valley type faces.) Using actual faces of the subject, sourced from photos of the same time frames, ought to produce amazingly detailed faces HD scaling with the unique benefit of having the face appear most accurate.

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Wow, you’re asking for a lot! I think perhaps you’re a couple of decades ahead of where this is going someday.

What you are describing is basically how deep fakes work, were you can supply a bunch of source faces to learn from and it replaces the destination face. Deep fakes is a bit more general where you are applying a source face to any destination face, but it can be used to replace a low res face of the same person too. It would be interesting to see a combination of DeepFaceLab → Topaz VEAI and see if it helps with the temporal consistency of the face.

yes! What better way to uprez a face in a low res image than to use high res pictures of that very same face?