[FACE GLASSES DETECT] - Face Recovery to have Glasses Detection

I was trying out a group photo on Topaz Photo AI and the Face Recovery seems to work really well, but a few of the people in the group wear glasses. And the result makes their glasses look half-melted.
I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet or not, but it would be great if the Face Recovery could detect glasses and make sure they stay in the right shape and not get moulded into the face.

@bentechnologies Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Can you upload a screenshot of the before and after so I can take a look. Please also upload the original image file so I can test it out on my end as well.

We appreciate your help in making Photo AI better!

@tim.he I cropped the picture to one person who’s glasses kind of wrinkle and one lens is more rounded on one side. (I also got his permission :slight_smile: )

And here is the original photo (cropped) so that you can test it on your end.


Somehow, the Face Recovery AI model needs to recognize whether the person has glasses on or not, and then remembering to make sure that each lens stays the same shape as the other, (symmetrical) and that neither of the lenses get confused with wrinkles on the skin, mixed up with eye brows, etc. as I’ve seen in other pictures.

All in all, Face Recovery does an amazing job. But the two things I noticed that could use some improvement are glasses, and the gender topic that gchugg has mentioned in his post.

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Thanks for uploading that. I’ll pass this info along to our developers for future AI model training.

I experienced the same behavior as well.


Try turning down the Face Recovery strength and turning on the Upscale filter. This will enhance the resolution of the entire image and the face is already centered and in frame.

I’ve noticed the same thing as well with glasses. I notice it mostly with wire rimmed glasses. Also, sometimes in lower quality photos, half of the glasses are missing. What I usually do is turn down the Strength of the filter until I get an adequate result. Sometimes upon initial processing of the Face Recovery filter, I notice that the eyelids form the top part of the rimmed frame. Again, I lower the recovery strength to yield an acceptable result, although often I have to delete the face from recovery.

Sometimes you get half glasses (monocle) when there were nothing there in the first place.

We need a control to positively say yes, or no to glasses being part of each face.


I tried that, but no success. Whatever I try seems to either make his glasses look more irregular shaped, or more blurry.

Thanks for the upload, I’ve made this a task for my team to investigate further.


I couldn’t agree more!