[FACE determines SUBJECT] - Subject selection adapts to face selection

If I update the face selection, it would be nice if the AI was smart enough to adapt the subject selection to what it could assume is the subject associated with those chosen faces only. It could help narrow down all the erroneous subject selections in an image. This would be extremely helpful in sports photography when the AI chooses background and foreground objects.

I got trouble on a lot of photo, when it detected a face it does well its job.
But when it don’t find it that create weird looking images. I need for my business than the image is good looking, notably faces.
I feel frustrated to see the face and the software not. Can you introduce a new feature to indicate manually where it needs to find the faces I want to add to the selection ?

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I just downloaded the last version and the functionality is integrated thanks to the topaz team :+1:

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Where can I select faces manually? I have v.1.3.2

Read the Quick Start guide here:

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We’ve added that functionality and are continuously working to improve Face Recovery (and the other filters as well).

Thanks Tim. I’ll check it out!

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Right now my subject’s face is being improved, but their ears are not included.
It would be nice to be able to adjust the size of the face selection box.

Instead of only being able to adjust the size it would be better if the end users can make the selection themselves.

That would also provide a solution for undetected faces etc.

when recovering faces, it would be helpful if you could add areas to include in the recover faces function. One example is to be able to add the neck area to the recovery.

Like this?