Face Detection

Face recognition still does not work (version 2.3.2). Tested with *.CR2 and tiff images. The situation is similar to the previous version 2.3.1 (Autopilot gets stuck and the same happens if you try manual detection). With version 2.3.0 there is no problem!

Topaz Photo AI v2.3.2 on Windows 10

i got the same problem

You can choose one of these two workarounds to resolve this issue:

Let me know how that goes for you and we will make sure to reach back out to you to let you know when this is resolved.

Hello and thank you for your reply. I switched to a working version (2.3.0). It’s really the only solution to the problem at the moment.

About that bug reporting and feedback… I find it somewhat confusing and hard to find. I have reported twice and afterwards I have not been able to find the entry I made.

Best, Esko

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