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I wouldnt necessarily call this a bug, but a problem I have is with the face detection (even when selected to only work on the “subject”) is trying to fix faces that are way too blurry and then cause a weird facial look.
This is easily worked around by manually selecting which faces to enhance, but as im putting through 1k images its way too slow to manually select every image so just let the autopilot do the work.
For about 95% cases it works very well. The edge cases where it seems to struggle is when im shooting through a crowd of people with my 85mm F1.4. see examples in the photos.

Im sure with time these edge cases will diminish, but wanted to highlight examples where the face detection and/or subject detection need improvement.

A tweak to the interface I thought could help speed the manual face selection side of things up is to have an option so the boxes around the faces appear straight away without me having to click on the “select” option first and then hit apply.

Many thanks for creating an amazing piece of software, please keep up the hard work!


Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Hi @jmeg49! I believe this is something we are actually working on at the moment, I’m not quite sure of the timeline on this feature but I think we’re going to be adding a feature that will let you manually set a ‘threshold’ for Face Recovery so it won’t automatically go for every face in your photos. In essence, it should basically let you say that once a face gets to a certain ‘blurriness’ that you don’t want the face recovery feature turned on.


that would be a fantastic feature, look forward to it. Thanks!

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