Face Detection | v2.4.0

When Photo AI uses the face detect and you reduce the amount, it doesn’t show the reduction on the screen. I personally think the smoothing is over done that it looses all texture and it doesn’t show it when its being reduce by the slider.

Which version of the application are you using? Could you provide some details of what you are seeing on your machine?

what is absolutely terrible is when you adjust the light adjust settings and it has face detect on, they don’t work together, so the face stays super dark if it’s lightening the image or vice versa, this is a huge breaker for me since the images I am trying to fix have now become a train wreck needing multiple passes and the second pass creates an almost cartoon filter look with how over processed it becomes.

did you get my reply? not showing here…will write again. using Ver 2.4.0
when it uses the face detect, it’s goes off the chart and occasionally it comes out good. Even dialling

it back it doesn’t give a good result.

Could you review the following information and see if you are able to use the Selection option to receive more desirable edits:

Recover Faces Workflow Tutorial: