Face Detection expanded to include "skin"

I have a lot of old windsurfing and kiteboarding photos in which the subjects are shirtless and wearing shorts, or have neoprene vests with exposed arms and legs. Unfortunately, face detection on works on faces, but the exposed body parts are dependent on other filters and the results are usually less than satisfactory. I would find an “exposed skin” detection feature very useful addition to the face detection.
Also, if a hand partially obscures the face, only the portion of the hand that falls within the “face” is enhanced. The rest of the hand is again dependent on other filters, so there is a noticeable difference between the two portions of the hand.
And finally, I’ve found that in photos with many adults and small children that sometimes one or more child’s faces are not recognized.

@windspear Thanks for sharing, I can see how this could be helpful for your workflow.

Try turning on the Upscale filter which will enhance the resolution of the entire image so hopefully the barrier between the face and the rest of the body isn’t as stark.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that. I usually let the Upscale filter calculate the size of the image, but I’ve been overriding it lately as some images are quite large already.

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