Face Detection Enhancement blend problem

[Topaz Photo AI 2.3.1 MAC - After face enhancement, it is often obvious that not only is the face not sharp enough and I have to smart sharpen it and add a little grain in Photoshop, but the amount of denoise of the face often doesn’t match up with the rest of the body surrounding it. The hair will be partly sharp and partly blurry, same with the neck. So better blending with the surroundings is necessary, depending on whether the surroundings are denoised or not also.

This is in multiple versions.

This is importrant because I shouldn’t have to go to an outside editor to add sharpness o(or usually) grain to make it look less pasty and more realistically textured.

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Have to checked the Face/neck/Hair option in the settings panel??? Have you opened the drop-down menu and adjusted the sliders for the face detections panel???

I have the same problem and have reported it to tech support. They do not offer any solution or workaround.

Yes, I have the hair/neck option checked and cannot tell any difference. Yes, I have used the FR slider. The problem is that FR does not include all of the hair and neck, and that makes it useless.

Yes, FR is way softer than it used to be. It leaves faces far softer than the surrounding sharpening, too soft to be usable, and there is no way to adjust for that.

Also, FR makes the face darker than the surrounding area. No way to adjust or account for that, either. I have sent examples to tech support.

The in-software tip advises the user to lower the FR slider until the FR matches the surrounding area, which makes zero sense and defeats the purpose. FR used to work better.

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