Face detection and clothing damages

Topaz Photo AI

  • sometimes doesn’t recognize faces if they are not correctly positioned (horizontal or upside-down)
  • not allows to correct the size and position of face frames
  • sometimes makes good job on faces, but damages to the clothing

@remigiusz.grudzien Thanks for sharing your insights!

Can you upload some images where you’re running into these conflicts? We’d like to run some tests on our end and it’ll help us document this to create a solution.

NO - they are my customers’ photos :frowning:
both colour and black and white, both slightly damaged and perfect pictures

face recognition still (in 2.0.1.) works on rectangle part of face - with no possibility of correction the area to recover the face

you can see the line: over it works, below it doesn’t work :frowning:

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I understand this can be quite frustrating. Our developers are still investigating this. In the meantime, try turning off the Face Recovery filter for this particular photo and turn on the Upscale filter. That will enhance the resolution of the entire image.

Thank you. The newest 2.0.2 PROBLEM still not solved. The mail goal is to make face selection flexible for the shape of face, and for the beginning at least oval. Topaz Photo AI still works on rectangular :frowning:

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The face box is rectangular because it also encompasses parts of the hair and neck. I can see how adjusting it could be a bandaid solution for the meantime, however, we’re working on improving the models so that there isn’t the border that you see and thus manual adjustment isn’t necessary anymore.

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