[FACE DETECT] - Add ability to select faces that are not recognized by Photo AI

There are times the software does not recognize a face. There should be a tool that allows you to select the face.

Yes, I have noticed that too that sometimes it does not recognize a face. I have had it happen a few times even when the face is large and looking right at the camera. I wish I could force Photo AI to detect that face when it doesn’t automatically.

Recover Face are designed for small & low resolution face only.
If the face is large & high resolution, “Recover Face” will only make the face blur, that is why TPAI automatically disable “Recover Face” when the face is large.

Actually, if you reread you will note that I did not use the words “high resolution.” It could have benefitted from Recover Faces as did the faces that were detected right next to it that were almost as big and were detected.

Thank you for the clarification.

In such case, I recommend you send the photo to developer, so that they can modify the face detection model. You can find the dropbox link in TPAI release post.

If the face detection model fail, manual selection won’t help much. If you force the software to put eye, nose, mouth in selected area, it will end up puting them in wrong place.

Yes - I have added my vote. I have several instances where faces are missed - usually because they are too small in the full image. When the image is cropped and reprocessed these missed faces are found as they are now larger wrt the whole image.

New to the program - Any updates on this feature?

I will say that the auto detect feature is incredible and works a majority of the time. The only time I have issues with it is on the following circumstances:

  1. older low quality digital photos (early 2000s)
  2. blurry photos
  3. photos that contain lots of patterns, especially when those patterns reflect natural objects. (such as a floral/victorian style couch)

Even under these conditions, the auto detect for the subject still generally works well. Plus, you can manually modify the subject.

Speculation on why this isnt a feature, based on my limited experience: The AI model is probably dependent on the auto-detect for faces. Meaning that for the AI ehancements to work, its contingent on the algorithm it uses to detect/optimize faces. If you were to do a custom face, I could see it throwing a wrench in how the face preservation system works. I’m sure its a concept they are working towards… Its probably just early in development and given the scope of the feature, I could see is delivering inconsistent performance. This is just speculation.

I will do some research and see if there are pre-optimization methods or programs that could be applied before using Topaz, to potentially help the problem. If I find something I will leave another reply with the info.

“Recover faces” is not recognizing all of the faces or no faces at all at low quality photos or low quality and low light photos (like negative scans).
It recognizes much lower quality and very blurred faces on photos from digital cameras (including smartphones), but it has problem with recognizing faces on noisy low quality scans from analog cameras (if some faces are recognized - it makes a great job!).

Topaz Photo AI v2.4.1 on Windows


You can adjust your default settings through the Preferences > Autopilot > Face Recovery.

If you want to select a face you can click on them in the Preview or selecting the category within the Selection tab.

Changing settings doesn’t help!

I will try to put it more simple way:

You can select face(s) ONLY if there are any recognized !!! If not I got the message:
“Faces recovery disabled because no faces were detected in the image” !!!
That is why I suggest to add possibility to make “MANUAL ADDING of FACES” available (I didn’t write select!)
And I underline: I had faces much worse quality, that were recognized and recover (with great quality), so when I can see face that is better quality than already recovered I would like to have it recovered too, but I can’t as the Photo AI doesn’t recognize that particular face :frowning:


Thanks for clarifying this for me. I have made a note to review this with some of the developers. I will get back to you once I hear from them.


I experienced the same problem, but was able to improve it by up increasing Face Recovery Strength above the default of 80. I accessed this through Edit/Preferences/ Auto[pilot/ Face Recovery. I still like the earlier selection technique involving brushing to select the desired portion of the images.

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so it is not the same problem :frowning: you can do nothing if faces are not recognized…

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I agree with the person who suggested adding a Manual method to select face recovery. As it is now face recovery does not do or allow anything to let the user select a face that Photo AI does not recognize. making changes to it in Preferences does NOTHING to fix this problem.

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When is it possible to have it fixed?

While we do not have an exact timeframe for this feature request I have gone ahead and added this forum thread to our Ideas and Suggestions section.

Please make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

I can assure you that our developers are hard at work trying to implement many feature request as we can for our users.