Face AI for animal pictures. On or off?


sorry for the stupid question, but I have the benefit of the first question, which , to my opinion, it might be not the smartest one of a long list.
I am mostly doing nature pictures, I have Gigapixel always with Face AI turned on by default. Should I switch it on for a bird shot, or a spider ?


I don’t think it would matter, except for processing time, as it is aimed at human faces. If you turn it off in the settings you can switch it on from the autopilot panel if you need it for the image you have opened.

THanks, that was the point. Shortening the processsing time which is quite long tbh. how long does it take for a , let´s say, a 25MB Tiff file resize 2x , default automatic setting, save to png?

It depends on your hardware, especially the GPU. You need to work on pixel size rather than MB and then 16 or 8bit PNG and the compression ratio applied.

Test it and see what you are getting on your hardware as that is a good starting point.