Extremely slow processing after recent updates - PhotoAi & Gigapixel


So I tried to upscale my stuff on PhotoAi, which I’ve been mostly using these past months, but decided to get Gigapixel again after y’all (finally) updated it again…

But they are both INSANELY slow. Before - when I upscaled to a file size of 1.2gig, it would take 10min give or take. Now, just going from a 4mb file to 80mb, takes more than 30min!?

I didn’t change anything, just updated the software. My productivity is tanked now and I am going to be late on so many of my orders because of this. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

From 6.3.3. to 7.0.0. extremely low processing disabling neural engine (Mac mini M1) since leaving it on is bringing out a lot of artefacts on high resolution portraits photos. I should have not upgraded 6.3.3 was perfect faster and no artefacts

Would you mind providing me with your system profile so I can see if there is a hardware issue causing your conflict?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)

Hi Justin,

As mentioned in my post - I had no problems before updating to the latest release. Everything worked fine before I updated - so the issue is not with my hardware or system.

I’ve had to roll back to a previous release. And now it’s manageable again.