Extrem Slow response and other Bugs – Topaz Photo AI 2.1.1

Topaz Phot Ai Takes forever for every Action and i Cant move the window arround, it flickers and is stuck to the screen.

Every click I do takes 1–5 minutes to process in the Software.
For Example, if i just click on the switch for upscale, it takes 1 Minute after I click on 4x it takes around 3 Minutes until something happens.

If I klick on Save Image just to open the save settings window, it takes 5 Minutes.
Also I cant move the window around it is Insane buggy.

Thinks I tried to fix:

  • I reinstalled Topaz Many Times, but nothing is working.
  • I tried to change the AI Processor, but nothing happens when i click on the selection, the window just freezes.

My Computer:
MacBookPro M1 Max
64G Ram
macOS Sanoma 14.0

Latest Log is added.
2023-11-14-12-13-8.tzlog (19.5 KB)
2023-11-14-12-16-35.tzlog (188.7 KB)