External Display (4K) Pixelation

I hope I’m putting this in the right place…

I have been a Topaz Collection for a several years, over time it has become my default for editorial plugins. I use mostly Detail and Clarity, and a little bit of Impression.

In the past few months I have migrated from a 27" iMac to a 13" Late 2016 MacBook Pro with a 27" LG Ultra HDMI/4K display.

Something weird is happening when I open a Topaz program on the big display - everything gets pixelated. The attached screenshot will give you some indication of what I’m experiencing.

I don’t get this pixelation when I look at Topaz apps on the native display on the MacBook Pro.

This is my first experience with a multi-display arrangement, so I’m not particularly adept at the settings (I have other problems getting Lightroom to behave across two displays).

So I wonder if anybody can offer any suggestions re: how to get Topaz to look as good on the big 27" 4K display as it does on the laptop display.



I don’t have an answer for you but you might want to go in your system preferences and click on Displays. There are some topics regarding this… hope it helps? If not you can always go on the Apple Forum and maybe find an answer?