EXR image sequence doesn't export


I rendered an animation inside 3dsmax with Corona. I saved the image sequence as EXR so I can edit burn out areas, etc.
I imported the EXR image sequence into Topaz. The software first converted the images into 16bit TIFFs. I changed the Output size to 19201080 (from 1280720).
When I wanted to export back to EXR the software first exported TIFF in 1080 and then tried to exported the EXRs but it ended up in an endless working conversion and did nothing, Image attached about the pop-up window.
So, at the moment I can’t have the 32 bit EXRs with the increased size.
Is there any solution for this issue?

logsForSupport.zip (1.4 MB)

Also, what is the point of the exported EXR files if they are not 32bit anymore?