Expressionism in studio


The water has bronze metal plate look to it. Not so sure about how the effect works on the clouds though?

you are right…I am not enough familiar with the software to be able to “mask” in or out differences…idealy I would like the hill of trees to be lighter and the sky to be handled differently…Thank You cre*art

This has nothing to do with your image or processing. I have a general problem with this preset because it is called “Expressionism”. I think the result it produces has nothing to do with expressionism. If you look at paintings from Kandinsky, Macke, Kirchner, Marc etc.

Masking in/out is very easy in Studio. Have a look at YouTube. There are many tutorials.

Interesting effect, try removing the sky to halfway and leave a square crop.

you are opposed to this practice photo…or you are opposed to the naming of the preset…i worked with the old presets in adjust and from Impressions…expressionism is, I suppose, not the right term…

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Very creative work!