Exporting of VOB conversion (Interlaced, Iris MQ) is endless

I keep trying to upscale a ripped VOB file from a DVD. The process reaches 100% normally but then never completes. Has happened a few times now.

Once the app has finished the countdown, it jumps into the final step which stitches the different segments and the original audio from the input. Since you are working with a large file, this can take some time as the app needs to read and write the full size of the rendered output and audio to create a working video output.

Can you run a test by using the in and out points to render out just 1-2 seconds to see if it’s completes the processing? If it does, the original file likely just needs more time to finish.

I have now tested a few VOB files and it seems linked to some of the VOBs exported from DVDs (with CSS removed). I have noticed it causes issues with two other video converters, but Handbrake worked fine so I used Handbrake to convert to a high bit rate MP4 file then used Topaz to upscale. I think it is a therefore partly due to the file structure. In the case of Topaz it got to the end and then hung, for the other two it stopped half way through roughly where Topaz had seemed to indicate the end was, even though it then showed more content beyond.

Note, many VOB files work fine and the length is not an issue, it seems just a few problematic VOB files cause issues. This file was around 1 hour 20 mins long.

Sorry, missed your second point. Yes it does work for cropped sections. Just the display seems to indicate the video ends before the time shown for the duration of the file. I think the meta data for some ripped VOB files can be off. As I say, Handbrake handles it perfectly well, some others like Topaz hang part of the way through are at the end of conversion. I think it is more about robustness against files with some data mismatched.