Exporting from Lightroom Classic as a DNG

I started seeing this dialog in Photo AI that said if I use the menu plugins from LRC the image is sent to Photo AI as a DNG which is better. I only see the dialog if I used the Edit in Photo AI from LRC. So why can’t the image be sent as a DNG from the Edit in Photo AI choice which is easier to use

Photo Ai is a edit in option.

You need to send the image from LR and choose one of the export options allowed and Photo AI will update that image. If LR classic doesn’t offer DNG as an option check on the Adobe forums to see if there is an alternative method.

Why am I seeing this now when I choose Edit in Photo AI from Lightroom Classic. The file format is CR3.

That’s good, they have addressed the issue and now included a plugin rather than just a Edit in external editor.

Make sure you don’t send a original DNG as it may be overwritten because it is a standard output format from Photo AI. Just test first with a copy as if Photo AI offers you the Save as option then it should be ok.

Ok, I am not sure why there is a difference between when using plugin extras for Photo AI or right click and edit in Photo AI when sending a raw CR3 photo. Maybe this is just a fix now in Photo AI only. I do use Photoshop mostly as a smart object so maybe it does not matter in my case.

The Edit-in is an external editor and LR won’t allow you to,pass a RAW image that way. I believe you can only export a copy with or without adjustments.