Exported videos playback problem

I am using Proteus MQ to enhance footage. My test files are currently some anime. After exporting, when I try to play the video, the first few minutes are fine, but when I try to click into the middle portions of the video, the video freezes. When I click towards the end of the video, the video will begin to play on fast-forward, maybe triple or quadruple speed, while the audio resumes at normal speed. I have tried dynamic bit rate as well as fixed bit rate. Proteus MQ is set to auto. Exported to MKV file.

I have recently been able to make other videos like de-interlaced DVD videos that play just fine.

Running on RTX 4070 GPU, 64gb RAM.

Change the player… if i try with VLC i have no problem, but if i use for example MPC-HC BE, i have this issue:

now, there is a question of how much this problem was due to the video player or the poorly encoded video!

I’m seeing some of this too, though in my case it was at the beginning of the file rather than the middle. Still trying to determine if it happens to all my output files. In my case I’m using “AV1 10-bit” as the output format. MPC-BE is my usual player but it does probably work fine in VLC, everything always does.

What about those of us that don’t use video players? I watch everything on my TV, never on a PC.

Ok but… when you watch a video on your Smart TV, you are essentially always using a video player, in this case the player on your Television!

Which video player are you using and does swapping to VLC like @JakSpoon suggested resolve the issue?

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