Export Topaz Settings Per Image


Denoise AI and Sharpen AI work very well, however it would be very useful to automatically export the settings used for an individual image, either as a companion file or additional EXIF/XMP data in the output image. This would alllow me to review which of various settings work best, and then apply them to other similar images. Most of the other “final processing” software I use has this feature, saving the processing settings for review and potential re-use.

If there is any way to do this with the current products that would be great. Otherwise please can we add this as a new feature in the near future?


Agreed. However, I requested this months ago and it went nowhere. On Joel Wolfson’s webinars you can observe him embedding the parameters in the file names which is a kludgy work-around.

In my 11 years using Photoshop etc I have put most the details for the work on each photo in its name … long long file names for sure … but then I never forget! I recommend.

If you use Photoshop, why not use their “Post-It” facility?


Topaz server chopping off right hand side!!!

This is the URL for the same page.


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There are all sorts of manual work-arounds (why not just create a small text file with the same name as the image but “.txt”), but what is required here is a relatively minor new option to save the current settings to a file (or within the image metadata) as part of the “Save file” processing. All my other “Post RAW” tools like Photomatix, Autopano, Helicon Focus do this.

I am aware that Topaz are thinking about doing something similar, I just want to drum up support for it.

It’s important to note that this feature could be made a Prefs option [yes/no] so those users who don’t want the extra files could/would be unaffected.

Agreed. The way most software does this is a checkbox on the “Save” dialog. Obviously this should be a “remembered” setting…

I like a challenge. Here’s one way to do it without any action on Topaz’s part (some coding knowledge required :slight_smile: ):

  1. Take a screenshot of the Topaz app after saving the file
  2. Crop to the “settings panel” at the mid right
  3. OCR that image to extract the settings data
  4. Write the data to a small companion XML file alongside the image
  5. Optionally rename the image files, so the “processed” version becomes the main one

I have now built this into an app which I wrote to support my workflow, so I can record the settings when I use the Topaz programs - the processing runs automatically if I send a “processed” file into my workflow app. An example settings file is attached. Obviously this is very personal to me and my workflow, but it shows how easy it should be for Topaz to build this in.

190802_Rx100mk4_01047.txt (465 Bytes)

Nice job. Would it be worth having an “app” tag embedded also? eg DeNoise, Sharpen, etc


I would like to resurrect this topic, and see if there’s any movement to providing a built-in solution.

Unless I’m missing something there’s still no built-in mechanism to output the settings. I’ve just started working with PhotoAI, which is great, but there are now so many settings which might be varied, and they are all hidden behind an accordion menu so my simple OCR trick isn’t going to work.

Please, please can be have as a standard feature exporting the image settings either in their metadata or a companion file, just as almost every other post-processing suite does?

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Meta-data would seem like an obvious place to store this.