Export Queue - Please allow multiple exports to be selected using standard list operations as in v3

Please allow multiple exports to be selected in the export list window as was allowed in v3.
I can no longer select multiple exports in the export list in v4.
I want to be able to close selected exports. Mostly to close completed but sometimes to thin the queue if I don’t have the time for some of the pending items to complete.
In v4 now I can only close all or one-at-a-time a time which is VERY tedious.

As the use case, it takes a very long time to process an export queue and I want to close the completed exports so I can finish processing on those that have already completed.
This was easy in v3 because the export list worked as expected (ctrl-click selected one item at a time, and a selection range was performed as standard by selecting one item and shift-clicking a range).

To be honest I am not experiencing the value of v4 over v3 because so many of the basic frequently used operations I used in v3 have changed and limited the usability which is tending to cancel the value added on other areas.

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