Export of large image takes hours

I have a large image, which I rendered through the recovery process. It took around five or six hours. I understand rendering a large image through recovery is not well-supported, but I had assumed that after processing, saving the image to disk would be easy. Not so much. Topaz Gigapixel seems to be making progress, but just exporting to disk is taking hours. This seems like a bug; I can’t understand why, after processing, it would take any significant time to simply save it to disk. Any thoughts on what might be going on or how to fix? This is a fast M3 MacBook Pro with 128 GB RAM.

I had someone report this yesterday as well. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with this, as the Recovery model is still in beta.

Could you send me your log files?

To get your log files, please open Gigapixel and go to Help > Open Log Folder. Once you see your Logs folder, you will want to right-click it and compress them.

Once compressed, you will attach that .zip file to your response.