Export Issue

In previous versions of Video 4 Ai, I could click Export and run the process for several minutes and then close the app. I was able play the shorten video and check the results to see if I was using the proper filters. Now, I get an error message when I try to play the video. Why was the feature taken away.

You can use the Preview option in the app to do this and set a custom In/Out duration if you need longer than any of the preset options.

No matter how many previews are run before the final export there is no certainty that the final version does not contain areas of problems that had not been discovered. Running lots of previews also takes up a lot of time so it is often easier to do a few then export and abort if a problem occurs. I tried playing the file in the temp directory during export but have had it corrupt the output so the file content turns to black as the player and export fight with each other as the file is being written.

Very annoying to think the export is progressing normally and after 10 hours you find that there is nothing after a third of the file has played.