Export issue in Remask

Hi. I had hoped to post a screenshot with this post but cannot find a way to do it. The issue is that the in Remask the mask I create looks great. After I export and then pull the mask onto a background in PS, I can see it pixelating at even 100%.
When I look at it in Remask at 200% it looks good. It seems like I’m choosing the highest settings–exporting as tiff, no compression, proRGB color, 16 bit. I have used Remask in the past and did not have this issue. Haven’t used it for a while, so maybe I’m missing something. Ideas? Thanks.

Use the up arrow icon on the header of the box you type in to upload a screen shot.

Are you masking from PS or masking and then saving a file from ReMask before opening the saved file in PS? Or are you saving a TriMap/Mask from ReMask and then opening that?

I am opening a tiff file n ReMask (not opening in PS), masking, then exporting, and then opening the exported/saved file into PS.

I went back and looked at earlier masks done in this manner and the quality is exceptional. No trace of pixelation–they look just like they looked in ReMask before exporting.

Thanks for the upload tip. I’ll add the screenshot here

I hope you can open the image to make it larger. It’s hard to see the deterioration if the screenshot is small.

Thanks so much for replying and assisting.

Your viewing at 300%, what you are seeing are the individual pixels.

Don, this is confusing to me. The image on the right (Topaz) says 200%. The PS image on the left is obviously much smaller but pixelating, so how could it be 300%? This did give me the idea, however, to open the mask in FastStone image reviewer and view the mask onloy at 200% and 300%. The image looks just as it does in Topaz. Seems like the the deterioration must come on the import into PS. Not sure how that could happen.

Nevertheless, I changed the canvas from a flat black 20x30 inches to an image of the sky, and presto, the same excellent quality mask I have gotten in the past. So somehow this phenomenon had something to do with the canvas to which the mask was being imported. At least I’m happy, and thanks for getting me stared in another direction. Wm

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