Export is stalling when no changes made

I had a list of mixed files, Tiff and jpg, and knew a few I’d probably not touch. Rather than remove them from the list, I just didn’t add any changes to them. Upon export, the processing scale would stop, if I paused and restarted export. The export screen would say the file was skipped as no changes were made.

First I’d like to say this is a bit annoying as I’ll have to deal these files differently. They will be kept in the file list but I’d much rather they’d be recompressed like the rest.

Second it seems like I’ve nailed down this issue, I think it’s the fact that I was saving to a network path directly, not even a shared drive.

Lastly because work cannot be resumed over sessions, and later exports will not continue even if you change the output path, I’ve lost all my work…

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Load several files into the file list
  2. Add edits to some files, and some to others do nothing
  3. Select to save all files
  4. Select a network path to share (SMB in this case)
  5. Export

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1.4] on [Windows]
I know this version is old, it is the last version I’m entitled to. I know that too means if this issue still exists, I will not be entitled to the fix.

This was fixed in an updated version of Topaz Photo AI. Currently we are on v3.0.2.

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