Export fujifilm gfx 100s ii RAF to DNG gives write error, no camera profile

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Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Loaded RAF from my fujifilm gfx 100s ii
  2. Process it, looks fine
  3. Try to export to DNG, it fails with Error: DNG write error message

Looking at the log files, it looks like it fails because there is no camera profile yet for the camera.

[2024-06-25 19:43:16.379, 1.75 s] [49d8] Warn | Could not load camera profile: ‘“”’
[2024-06-25 19:43:16.379, 60.80 μs] [49d8] Warn | Missing noise profile value
[2024-06-25 19:43:16.400, 20.74 ms] [49d8] Warn | Could not load camera profile: ‘“”’
[2024-06-25 19:43:16.400, 56.80 μs] [49d8] Error | DNG profile is invalid
[2024-06-25 19:43:16.400, 20.50 μs] [49d8] Error | Could not populate DNG negative
[2024-06-25 19:43:16.975, 94.36 ms] [5094] Error | Could not save image: DNG Write Error | (qrc:/imageenhance/main.qml:3306)

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