Export freezing on "Save Images". High spec MBP M2 Max, 32gb 30 core

1.4.3 is freezing on saving images. High spec MBP M2 Max, 30 core, 32gb RAM.

Small RAW files - Fuji X-T2.

I’m concerned as my update window is about to expire (in a week or two) and the updates continue to come fast and furious. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for reaching out.

Are you using Photo AI as a standalone or as a plugin app? Is it only freezing when you go to export or during the processing as well?

Hi Tim -

Ongoing problem with exporting images. Generally speaking it’s working fine but when I export a few more than one it does this crazy thing.

I sent logs before for the same issue. It’s happened on this M2 MBP and my previous M1 Mini.

I can’t be the only one. Happens with both Fuji and Sony files.

Unsure what to do. It’s giving me pause when it comes time to renew.