Export as WebP

As a website developer and creator now working almost exclusively with WebP, it would be great to be able to export images in that format. I can import in WebP but, not export.

When you import a WebP and select “Preserve Image Format” in the export settings does it export as a WebP?

Yes, it does which makes me think the basic mechanics of the operation must already be there but, it would be good to be able to have it in the save as dropdown.

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I see that makes sense, we’ve just prioritized the more common file types in the past.

What about HEIC?

@tim.he Topaz AI is quite a valuable tool for web designers & creators as one of the most common issues for us is when projects are delayed due to clients providing poor-quality images or images are are just too small to use. Up to now, we’ve tried to do our best in Photoshop but usually, we fail. Topaz AI in the workflow means that we less frequently have to go backwards and forwards negotiating and waiting for better-quality images.

@stephan.uijl In the world of web design, HEIC browser support is non-existent to, at best, sketchy so while we do have clients providing HEIC images, we convert to WebP and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

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Yeah, true, WebP or maybe AVIF are the best options for web.

I’d better create another thread, because I meant HEIC as oppertunity to add to Topaz products, because of their size in comparison to TIFF :wink:

I appreciate the additional context. As we see this use case more and more, I’m sure it’ll become a more significant part of our planning discussions. At the moment, we see that photographers are highly interested in processing and saving different RAW files from various camera models. I can totally see how supporting the web-based file types drastically improves web creators’ workflows, especially if there isn’t a decent alternative at the moment.

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