Experiments with New Iris Model

But it worked! Performed better than Proteus on that particular source.

Even if we have guidelines, at the end of the day there will be cases that fall outside of the guidelines

I’m trying out V 334, applying VAI to monochrome SD footage originally from a DVD made from a terrible 16mm transfer. From the DVD I scaled up to HD 1080 progressive interlaced. Whenever the subject moves quickly, the area of movement just blurs out into a foggy cloud. Like other users recently, I’ve tried Recover Details, Motion DeBlur, Sharpen, using IRIS manual controls. I am still experimenting, but I sure don’t like the blurry foggies during movement.

Recommendations which keep subjects in motion fairly sharp are welcome. This is is critical!

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is this the Iris v2? how to download offline and use it on the non Alpha version?

thanks for your contributions

I think, We can’t. :frowning:

Hi Loren, thank you for sharing!

Have you tried another model like Artemis Medium Quality?

Not released yet :slight_smile:

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Great to see this thread! The reason I bought VEAI in the first place was to upscale my Stargate SG-1 DVDs. After a lot of fiddling I developed a workflow where I would run the MKV video ripped from the DVD thru Handbrake, to de-interlace and clean up motion problems. Then I’d run that file through VEAI, usually Artemis medium.
Now, using Video AI 3.4.4, I tried Iris on a Stargate SG-1 episode (“raw” MKV, not run thru Handbrake) and was very pleased with the result. I upscaled to 4K and the picture looks very sharp with nice detail. There are no obvious interlace or motion artifacts, no “dropped frame” or jerkiness. The only problem I encountered was that when I played the resultant MKV file in Plex, it was “framed,” in other words, the 16x9 picture does not fill the screen. I’m not sure why this is. In Windows, the icon for the video shows up as 16x9, and in VLC, it plays properly (no “frame”).
For this effort, I used settings:
Revert Compression – 10
Improve Detail – 25
Sharpen – 70
Reduce Noise – 25
Dehalo – 5
Anti-alias – 0
Recover Original Detail - 80
Edit - I figured out how to avoid the “frame” issue - set to 4x upscale, not 4K. That results in a “full screen” on the Plex “letterbox” setting. I might try kicking up the settings a bit, especially for compression, detail, and sharpening. Overall, though, I’m very pleased with the result. Wish Iris had been available when I did these the first time. Kudos to Topaz!