Experimenting with Mask AI (1.2.0)

I’m using some of my sheltering time to experiment with different approaches to my older photos.

I enjoy making composites. So, today I blended an indoors (inside of a Jesuit church) shot and an outdoors shot (sculpture garden scene in Sonoma, CA) using Mask AI. And some Ps hocus pocus to fill in areas of church pews with more of the grasses… Then converted the whole enchilada to an Impressionist look with Studio 2.

My access to the “Showoff Spot” is greyed out. I can view and/or comment. But my “add” button is inactive and Topaz support can’t fix it. I’ve tried logging off then on. Clearing caches. All the usual stuff. So am posting here…


Yup, came through. Kind of doing the same with a number of tools I’ve acquired but never fully explored.

The original ReMask was my first Topaz product. Pretty much a basic that opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Explore & enjoy.

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Nicely done …

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Thx for the feedback!

Yeah, the thing I really like and want/miss in Mask AI is the Transparency Brush. It helps me handle translucent areas and/or somewhat tight-ish meshes of elements (lots of leaves & branches, fencing, colored backdrops behind fine hairs, veils - I don’t shoot weddings, but it works on stuff like that).

I like this! Would you mind to post the originals which you blended?

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Nicely done, it blended well.

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Sure… Here you go. Snips of the originals:

Jesuit Church (San Juan Bautista Mission) Interior:

An Outdoor Art Garden - Cornerstone Gardens (Sonoma):

The garden reminded me, somewhat, of Camille Pissarro’s landscape paintings… so that’s why I did the Impressionist finish in Studio 2 after combining the 2 images. The other thing that came to mind that inspired the composite was seeing scenes on the news of wild animals wandering in packs down the main streets of towns that are deserted (not normally so) due to the pandemic. So I springboarded off that and thought of the grasses and outdoors taking over the currently closed places of worship too.

You can see the church is “warm”. And, the outdoors is “cool”. So I did a few LUT overlays (post-blending) to try to coordinate the colorways b/wn the two images.

An example of a Pissarro painting:


Thanks much Fotomaker. Interesting background information. Sorry to say that I did not know Camille Pissaro :frowning:
But hey! The base files show that your transformation is really impressive. I like it even more now. Cheers Peter

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