Exif's lost but

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 : export a TIFF file from DxO (last version) - at that point the file has all exif data
  2. Step 2 : open it in Photo AI for Denoise & Sharpness, then save it as a TIFF
  3. Step 3: check the new TIFF in DxO, all correcton as are perfectly done BUT all exif data are lost
  4. Step 4: come back to Photo AI, the file is still present in “recent”, do the same process. The second TIFF file has all the exif data!

Topaz Photo AI [v1.5.3] on [Mac]

Finally, it seems it’s ok. I have to use “update metadata” and they all appear.
I’ll keep you posted if I see this problem again.
Thank you

It sounds like the issue is that the new TIF needs to be updated in DxO. Is that correct?

Does it not update automatically when the file is imported to DxO?

Yes, you’re right - the file needs to be manually updated or to close/open DxO.

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