Evening Light

Another experimental image. Using a photo by Kordi Vahle. Topaz Impression and Affinity Photo.


Very intriguing image

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very creative work, Ron

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Creative and colorful work …

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Awesome image. I love the color palette and the treatment.

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Love the transition from abstract paint strokes to reality.

Thanks Kathy. This is similar to what I did for the Hot Rod car picture but here I applied remix to the picture first to get a pallet I liked.

@Artisan-West Have you posted any of your “experimental” work where you used Affinity but not Topaz

I don’t remember all the details of every artwork because I usually make them a month or more before posting. Violinist 2 and The Stage were initially done in Dynamic Auto Painter 6 then enhanced in Topaz and a bit of hand drawing in Affinity Photo. Each artwork usually takes several hours.