Even though Photo AI is out, please do not stop updating the other 3 photo editing apps

Earlier, I commented on the fact that the crop feature in Photo AI needs to be modified to allow cropping from one side at a time. In addition to that, I have an older Apple laptop (early 2015) with an Intel 2.7 GHZ processor and only 8 GB RAM. Photo AI requires more. I cannot afford to upgrade for another couple of years. The other 3 apps (DeNoise, Sharpen, & Gigapixel) not only work perfectly well (and quicker in Standard Mode), but I like the addition options for editing, particularly in Sharpen. There are also many times when I only need one or two of the apps, not all three. Thanks!

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Hi and thanks for reaching out!

One of the primary purposes of Topaz Photo AI is to eventually replace the complete functional purpose of DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI. However, we do recognize that there may be use cases where the individual apps are a better fit.

At the moment, no plans have been made as to the future of these programs, but the bulk of our development energy for upscaling, sharpening, and noise reduction is certainly in Topaz Photo AI.

The individual apps are still supported, but their development and any new versions will be far less frequent, while Topaz Photo AI has a dedicated weekly update cycle.

Hope this clarifies for the time being. This is not a decision we’ll make lightly and it’s not one that has already been made.