Error when running model: Could not run model when saving or previewing the photo

Error When Running the Model

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

  1. Load a specific photo.
  2. Apply sharpening AI to the photo.
  3. Save the photo or wait for it to process in the preview section.
  4. Observe the error: “Could not load model” when running the model.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.5.4] on [Windows]
These are the logs. I have attempted this multiple times and encountered the same error.
2023-09-06-00-53-30.tzlog (229.9 KB)

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, the same issue with the specific photo. the problem is with the sharpening model.

Thanks for reaching out. This computer is below the minimum requirements for using Topaz Photo AI.

It has 4GB of RAM and is running out of memory during processing. The minimum requirement for Topaz Photo AI is 12-16GB of RAM.

Do you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements?

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