Error running Model, on save

Error running Model, on save

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Topaz Photo AI [v2.2.2] on [Windows]
2024-01-17-15-01-32.tzlog (45.4 MB)
lastSessionFiles.txt (33 Bytes)

if there are models missing on their computer (which you can check from the logs, it will show that a model is missing in the beginning of the log and try to redownload them)

  • run the installer again if the in-app model downloader is failing
  • troubleshoot security apps like antivirus, firewall, VPN
  • check if they have another internet connection they can use (hotspot usually works)
  • check if they have another computer they could try to see if it’s a computer issue or internet issue

Does this help?, from log:
[2024-01-25 09:53:41.807, 167.50 μs] [11fb8] Error | Exception: “AIProcessor failedunable to run model with index 0”

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