Error rendering video (~10% done); popup said to contact support

So one test render had completed already; I changed settings from Apollo to Chronos so I could compare both before making a final decision to batch render.

Naturally, I was curious on the finished file so I viewed that in Media Player.

Unbeknownst to me, while viewing the first render in Media Player, Topaz crashed during the render of the second one and aborted with an error. No error code, just steps on how to contact support, and the file to send.

I’ve restarted the new render and will wander off for a while. My guess is the 6700 crashed due to not being able to play in Media Player combined with rendering…

Base system:
AMD Ryzen 5950x (16-core), not overclocked (temperature monitor shows 40C/idle)
AMD 6700xt GPU (64C under 99% load; based on benchmark comparisons, am planning to get nVidia 4080 if the final video output looks good; 3~4x faster at only 50w additional power seems worth it in the long run…)
2TB SSD, 300GB available

Including log file:

logsForSupport.tar.gz (4.7 MB)


Hi there!

Unfortunately, your logs do not show any processing errors, however, your hypothesis may be correct. I do see that half of your VRAM was being utilized prior to opening TVAI. Try to limit external apps when processing in TVAI (especially if you are bath processing).

If you continue to run into issues like this, please share the new logs.

Thanks much for the information! I’ll try to reduce processes; 12GB VRAM had to have been eaten up more than just TVAI and the Windows GUI… I’ll reboot more frequently as well, in case an errant driver is causing a memory leak too…

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Hi again! I had put in a new video card yesterday. Loving the 5x-improved performance, but I have seen two renders fail - was wondering what the logs are saying?

Changes are in bold:

Topaz Video AI 3.3.0

Base system:
AMD Ryzen 5950x (16-core), not overclocked
**Asus TUF nVidia 4080, with nVidia driver v536.23 **
2TB SSD, 800GB available after disk cleanup

Thanks much!!

logsForSupport.tar.gz (10.1 MB)

I see that there are around 50 processes being run in a single session, it appears that your machine may have run out of VRAM. I would recommend rebooting the app in between very large batches.

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Sounds like it might be a memory leak. I had about 15 files queued, and in preferences I have “1” for the number of items to process.

I will definitely restart Topaz between batches, and will try batches of 6 - I’m still gobsmacked over how, with the new 4080 16GB card, it generally gets one file done in 2 hours, as opposed to 10 hours with the 6700XT (which had 8GB, if memory serves. Maybe 12GB, but either way I had queued a dozen files at the time…)

I’ll close out of all other running nonessential processes (e.g. MS Edge, et al.) as well, just to be safe.

Thanks again for looking into this!!

Potentially, but the logs you shared showed 50 previews/ exports in a single session which would make sense! If you do not need to see a live preview during export, you can disable preview File > Preferences > Output which will conserve VRAM and resources.

If this continues to occur, please post new logs and I will continue to track this issue!

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Thanks much for taking the time to look into this! I’m still greener than a golf course…

I did disable one preview setting prior to starting that batch; though I recall coming back to the PC during lunch and saw other files rendering with the current one playing. :o That probably explains some of this as well… The output preferences you’d mentioned was not one of them. I just went in and disabled that one. :blush:

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