Error Code 0XC0000005

None of the programs will open on 3 different Dell laptops…? All programs, on all laptops generate 0XC0000005 errors. Tons of discussions so seems Topaz is aware of this issue… but no real fix. Any answers out there? I have tried setting NVIDIA for each app to use… still generates error… annoying

Windows 7 updated
Graphics Card Updated

I suspect it is because of Windows 7, you need to raise a support request at the main website, also what is the NVIDIA GPU and what driver version are you using.

I guess you are using the NVIDIA control panel to set the GPU to the applications.

Qudro m1000m

I am using topaz on my desktop with Windows 7 no problem. It’s strange because i have tried it on several different laptops, and they all generate that same error. 0xc0000005?

I am using Nvidia to set the graphics card. I updated the card and reset the registry on windows, so it seems to be a Topaz issue. But i am not 100%.

I am really hoping you can help. Thanks so much for the response and I hoping you can send a few more suggestions. Thanks again for your help.

Please raise a support request the c0000005 is a general error and, as you say, it works on your desktop but not on the 3 Dell notebooks.

And you are confirming that the driver version is v441.66 downloaded from the NVIDIA website?

What do you mean when you said you reset the registry?