Enhancing the appearance of people from online interviews - TVAI is the right tool?


I mainly use scaling from HD to FHD and enhancing the appearance of people and their surroundings - for this Enhancement - Proteus - Relative to Auto - and there Reduce Noise, Sharpen and Recover Details help me the most. The Iris model gives worse resutlts for me.
What I mainly work with and use Topaz for are the online conversations recorded by Riverside. The input is usually no more than 1280x720. The resulting output after editing is supposed to be FHD.
As it is with conversations - the frame doesn’t change, at most the person moves around a bit, sometimes waving their hands a bit, but mainly looking at the front of the camera.

I mainly ask women for such corrections, and the effect they want is probably some filters from SM like smooth skin etc.
Of the problems I notice are often poor lighting and therefore a lot of noise.

For this kind of enhancement, is TVAI a good tool or should I do the upscaling here and do the ‘beautification’ elsewhere? If so, what would you recommend for this?
If it would additionally work a bit faster (i.e. use the full power of the graphics cards e.g rtx4080-4090) than TVAI, that would be great :slight_smile:

Use TVAI with relative to auto but set sharpen to -100
Save as FFV1 or ProRes 422.
Then colour correct, NR and sharpen in Resolve :+1:

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I can answer if TVAI would yield good results on “enhancing” or not as that is really a subjective question/answer. but what I could suggest is cut few 30sec-1min clips from your sample movie. and give TVAI a shot on those clips and see if you feel comfortable with the results.
you can use LoselessCut, the free tool to export the clip(s) for testing.
Topaz is focused on upscaling and enhancing the video quality (denoise, sharpen, etc), not to play around with coloration or any other effects. so that you will need to perform with an external tool.

As for what order you should be doing thing? I asked support once that question and that is what they responded back to me by email (not the exact quote): you can process the video through an external tool and through Topaz in any order you like, but the recommendation in general is to process/upscale/enhance with Topaz the last.

Not much of an help, I know, but that is all the information I could offer. I don’t know much about effects and external tools, etc.

Thanks for the reply.
What I’m getting via denoise, sharpen is pretty much fine. I just saw TVAI as a tool primarily for upscaling, and the additional functions are so “by the way” but not the main function.

That’s why I’m wondering and asking more experienced people if it’s the right way to do everything in TVAI or here to do only upscaling, and do denoise/sharpen and/or other human enhancement tasks in other tools because they give better/quicker results.

Thanks to @menditsa for pointing the way with Resolve. I’m working with Adobe, but I’ll definitely try this :+1:.
I still have the Beauty Box plugin on my list.

that is correct.

if you are planning to upscale your video anyways, I would try and give it a shot doing everything in TVAI. If you’re not, then maybe other tools would preform better I don’t know, I don’t have much experience with other tools. I usually denoise, sharpen, etc. with TVAI and usually i am pretty pleased with the results.

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