Enhancement, Stabilization not usable after latest update

1: Completed a batch of 58 clips outputs in Enhancement, but only 23 showed up in FINDER, no clue of the rest where they were.
2: Stabilization only partially finished output, for 10 seconds clip you only get 4 seconds, and the results were UNUSABLE.

a total fail after many many hours of exporting.

Using 16" MacBook proMax

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Hi there! This does not sound like a bug, but some sort of failure. Can you please reach out via Support? For the missing files, did you click on the triple dot menu to show in Finder? Do the files show that they are complete (green check mark)?

yes, it shows Green, but just couldn’t find them. I then reprocessed them, all fine after that. I started to use video topaz probably since last October almost everyday.

stabilization is very difficult to use, or very hard to get a satisfied result, after hours exporting.