Enhancement speed

I have an M1 Studio Max (64G, 32 cores) on Ventura 13.4.1. I have 4k to 4k video from an iPhone that I’m running with Proteus relative to auto (with and without interpolation from 30 to 29.97). Without interpolation I get about 1.2 fps (14hrs), with interpolation I get 0.7fps (37hrs). Metrics show GPU at 99% and 100% cores at average 60%). I tried different combinations of NAS to TB3 RAID5, TB SSD to TBSSD, TB3 RAID5 to TB SSD, etc and I can’t seem to get the fps above 1.5. Job priority is set to very high and only 1 process is enabled in prefs. No other apps of significance are running.

Use some other tool to change it to 29.97 fps. (I wonder why anyone with modern video footage would want the old TV standard of 29.97 fps…)
As for speed without interpolation, what you’re getting is what I would expect.
If your storage is totally bogged down, the only RAID that’s going to get you more speed is RAID 0.

Thanks, the other footage was from inherited Sony .mxf and Nikon. Suggestions for another app to interpolate frames? I am processing in Davinci Resolve and the iPhone footage shows as 29.97 and not 30. But there are slight Multicam variances I’m trying to fix and thought interp might be the answer.

If you’re lowering the frame rate, that’s not interpolation. I haven’t researched how 30 to 29.97fps is usually accomplished.
You can modify the ffmpeg command that gets generated by TVAI to force the frame rate to something else. -r 29.97 will drop or add duplicate frames as needed. With that small of a change, it may never need to do either.