Enhancement problem

I’m trying to enhance and upscale a SD video to HD, but I’m noticing really ugly artifacts in any shot that has a defocused background or foreground. Is there a special setting or enhancement type that can intelligently tell the difference between intentional and unintentional blur?
Otherwise I’ll have to skip the enhancement process altogether which is the whole reason I got Topaz AI in the first place.
Thanks for any help.

We’d need some more intel here:

  • what enhancement model are you using, what settings
  • describe the artifacts more detailed
  • or even better provide images of the artifacts (best with the original as well)

Or maybe even provide us the clip you trying to upscale that we can give it a shot

Hi thanks for the quick replies! I think this is user error on my part. I was mistakenly using an HD version of the video as input - to HD output. I think that’s why I was getting bad results. Now I’m using the SD version as input to HD output and it looks much better. Sorry about that, and thanks!